Want to drink....so came here instead!

I want a drink. But I am almost to 30 days. So here I am posting instead of going to the liquor store.


Outstanding! Glad you are here


Me too!:smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::skull:


I did the same in the beginning a lot…so what do you think is causing the urge?

Took my kids to their first swimming lesson. 1 hated it and was a spaz. After during the shower they both proceeded to scream bloody murder (they typically take baths so the shower freaked them a bit) so just stressed and annoyed - that’s about it.

That will do it. Pretty sure you already know a drink will not help one bit.

Yep exactly. Nothing good will come from it. I plan to put them to bed in a few minutes so there is zero chance of me going to the store!


Nothing like a good road block…you got this. It gets easier…every win over an urge strengthens you for the next.


Awesome idea to post here instead of drinking!

Well done!! Cravings are normal but with 30 days you have experience that sobriety is possible

I had to let my two wear their swim goggles in the shower, that seemed to help. And good on you for caring about your kids and helping them through a new experience!

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