We can do it another 24 hours


Morning. 08.04 am on this corner of the world. Can we stay sober today? YES. God bless u.


Hi, 9:20 am here. Let’s all stay clean today!


9:44 here, still sober. Today 148 days :grinning:


I’m new to this, can you tell me how I send a news feed. TIA.


Create a topic, and just click away.


6:35…not really wanting to get out of bed but looking forward to a day making good decisions. I guess I should start with getting out of bed!!!


6:36 been up for 2.5 hours. Worked out for one of them. Taking my in-laws to the airport.


6:50am… 45 min workout done. Just got the call that the kids school is closed today due to ice. I’m still headed into work after a snow day yesterday.


7:07am. Happy and grateful to wake up sober. May we all have another 24 hours sober and clean. Peace. lola


Wait. It’s morning!? :exploding_head:

0905 :coffee: Morning peoples!


8:11 am let’s get it!!
Whose got a plan of action already?!?!?


I’m always amazed by the people that get up early and have already done their workouts, prayers, meditations etc. I. Just. Can’t. Bed is too cozy. :sleeping:


Oh I would LOVE to be in bed! But time (and criminals) wait for no man. :man_dancing:


You are doing a great job!