We don’t gonna drink today



Morning comunity. 06.49 hours on this corner of the world. I am sure that we don’t gonna drink today. And u? God bless u all.


Thank you Andrew. It Will be a good day😊, a sober one! Have a great Day!


I’m with you today, Andrew!


You are halfway through your day, mine is just beginning. Thank you for reminding me to make a mindful decision to be sober and to live, think, and feel sobriety first today. And yes, every day this alcoholic does not take a drink is a reason for profound gratitude! :heart_eyes:


Good morning from Alabama. I’m not gonna drink today, and am glad 2b on this side of the grass today! Thankful for freedom which comes with sobriety.


Good morning. 6:30am here. About to get up and start the day. I wish you all a wonderful one.


Thank you everyone. Clear goal today not to drink. Make sound choices. Cheers!


Good morning and no plans on drinking here today… Have a great day


dry day again here is the desert, mostly thank you for asking, I am at day 53.
I am more than a damn bottle! Go Team! xoxoox