We need to laugh. Make it happen


Dude, how are you still single? I’m not even a lesbian but hell, I would date you with a list like that! :heart_eyes:


For years I met assholes and one day I just gave up believing in finding a good man :woman_shrugging:


I wonder the same thing? :thinking: You’re too stinkin’ cute to be single.


I think it’s great she knows her worth enough to not settle, but I still know she WILL find her perfect person one day! :heart:


I completely agree :slight_smile:


LOL that’s hilarious!


My list looks just like yours, and I also gave up looking for the right woman. :cry:
Oddly, I also started drinking about that time… :thinking:


Me…all day everyday


I’m moving to Germany. But not just because of the first 3 and your butt :blush:


Truth :laughing:


Or vice a versa though, right


Me too :expressionless: But well I didn’t like or even love me at that point. I was suppressed by a father who always saw my mother in me (who was an alcoholic too) and always pushed me down until I believed him that I have not much worth. Sad.
First part of healing was to set me free from my father, second part was becoming sober. Now it’s time to learn to love myself and I made a huge progress since the beginning of my sobriety :muscle:
In the end I think we’ll find someone but first we have to love ourselfes




You’re entirely correct; self-esteem has consistently been my largest barrier in the struggle for sobriety. Precious little on the subject comes up in meetings or the literature. I’ll make it, though! :wink:
Stay strong!



HAHAHA - Seriously!! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha ha ha. Thanks for making me laugh. I need it



Shoe press???