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Even worse when you’re german lol. I used to sing completely wrong (english songs) :joy::joy::rofl::joy:


There’s this one pop song, I knew the lyrics were different, but in my head it sounded like “I’m a-singing the sounds of Microsoft, I’m a-singing the sound of Microsoft”. I don’t even know what the song is called, but it was popular at one point, still plays in grocery stores, and someone told me that those lines were actually in Spanish or something, lol.

I’m absolutely terrible with lyrics. I can hear something 30 times but if I don’t listen at least once for lyrics only, studying lyrics with all my brainpower, I’ve got no chance knowing how to sing it.


It boggles my mind how people understand songs in Mandarin and other tonal languages, because you have to compromise your tones or your tune or both. So once a syllable gets put into a song, you generally have no idea which of the tones it was supposed to have… multiply by every syllable in the song… I can’t imagine trying to understand any English songs if all the vowels got changed to ‘a’… I guess lyrical and thematic context would help


You made a valid point :grin:


Edit: Social media at its finest!!!


…works with ANY pie :wink:


Level 38 whoop whoop







Bahahahahaha I NEED THIS!



Took me like 30 seconds to see what it actually was lol





I need a sign like this for my desk muhahaha


Looks like @Thirdmonkey’s handiwork! :joy: