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hey everyone on this site or app i have been sober from weed for 2 months and 07 days i feels so fricking good to be finally clean… i can’t believe my journey through this with an amazing boyfriend and friends and family i just kicked my habit and damn I’m amazed with myself for kicking such a bad habit I’m so proud of myself… i have to little ones who would like to come home to mommy they are my heart it breaks my heart every day not to see them their names are ray glen Hoyt jr and ariel ann [last name removed by moderators] i love my kids with all my heart and i have an awesome man who helps me out now he makes me stronger and stronger everyday but i can say it feels good to kick a bad habit


Well done quitting marijuana!

thanks for your comment

Welcome @Missy26 and congratulations on your sober time. Well done. See you around,wish you all the best.

Thanks a lot you know I’m working on staying clean the rest of life

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Excellent work Missy! Welcome to Talking Sober. It’s a great place for support and I’m glad to have you aboard. Wishing you all success in your sober life lady.

Way to go Missy!! And welcome!!!

I quit 10 months ago. It is a joyous and freeing feeling
Congratulations and keep it up. :100:

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on ur clean time!

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thank you for that

thanks ishell thanks a lot

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Hey everyone I been 2 months and 8 day clean yay for me

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That’s really great

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Thanks a lot @J_Lo_Ste