Weed Withdrawal Woes

Hey, I’ve come off weed before but nothing like coming off prescription vaping cartridges. 70% THC was the average strength I smoked. Nausea and extreme fatigue have gotten more intense with each day of abstinence. Today is day 4. Trouble eating anything and laying down is a must. I work from home. I feel sorry for someone having to go to work. This is ugly.


Good you’re here. Keep going. Do your best to eat and hydrate. Hugs.


Keep going man! I’m also withdrawing from weed (and amphetamine and ketamine) at the moment, I believe the weed I have been smoking has a lot to do with me feeling so uneasy and restless the whole time. I’m on day 5 sober now and what helped me was getting my body moving although it seems that is no option to you. Trust the process it will get better!


Heyy :slight_smile:

I also have a hard time with the vape karts

I’m day 5 sober from them
Vape karts are definitely a drug of choice for me

I noticed the first few days are tough
I feel depressed and kind of sick to my stomach without them but I love the energy that I gain after about 3 days sober without them

Vape karts are tough to quit.
They are pure THC and super super strong
I can barely function with them

Stay strong and get lots of rest
Ice water
Ice water
Ice water
The colder the water the better

You got this


Yea man, cold shower and ice baths always give good results and make recovery a lot more fun ime!