Week 1 of the journey

I’ve decided to start journalling on the forum weekly - releasing my journey to everyone here.

This first week has been what will be one of the easiest - the mental wound of that night is still fresh and I haven’t been around drunk people. Regardless, I celebrate my small victories:

  1. I wanted to start a wine and cheese night with a friend for a few months… Wine is no longer an option for that, so I said I still want to do it but with a non alcoholic alternative. My friend was completely understanding and we’re having our first “grape juice and cheese” night tomorrow!

  2. We partook in a nice Indian cuisine a few days ago - one of us had wine, one of us pineapple juice, one beer, and for me - coca cola!

  3. There is half a bottle of wine left in the fridge by my housemates mother. My housemate is away for a few days and I am left alone with this bottle of wine. I have no wish or urge to drink it, however my reminder to not drink it is to remember that both my friend and I will be proud to see that same amount of wine in the fridge when she returns!

I thank everyone for their support and kind words on the last post and look forward to sharing more of my story as it unravels!


All the alcohol I was never going to drink in the house has been drunk now. What’s better than half a bottle of wine?.. A full bottle of wine. Tip it away and treat them to another when they return. That’s just my experience.