Weekend 2: Weekend Harder


For those of us who quit on Jan 1, our second sober weekend is nearly upon us.

I’m going to make some homemade cheese from a kit I got for Christmas and we are having the in laws over. I hope everyone else has a wholesome sober weekend planned.

Good luck everybody!


Thank you. I am the same too. Second weekend coming up. Will try to keep myself busy all weekend, especially at night time. We can do this!


Tomorrow is 19 days for me…u all GOT this. Stay busy, avoid triggers & you’ll cruise thru no prob.


I plan to go to the beach on Saturday and have a nice long walk along the waters edge. This time of year helps to blow the cobwebs of winter away and i love to look out to sea. So I’ll get myself some chips and curry sauce. Have a sit on a bench and watch the world go by. :blush:


Same boat here. I will not drink this weekend with you. Thanks for sharing.


Going to my mom’s with the kids and my sis tmw night for a just because sleepover, probably do some interval training (fun to get the kids in on this, it’s hilarious to see their takes on exercises) and then spend the next couple days being a hermit and listening to scary story podcasts while I clean my house.
We got this! :+1:


Today i’ll relax on the couch all snuggled up and watch The walking Dead :wink: Saturday i’ll go shopping, some pretty clothes or shoes maybe and i’ll get some fresh veggies and fruit.


At work folks were talking about the weekend and alcohol …I explained j was not drinking and then one went on to describe in detail the bourbon they were going to have…down to the details of the glass

A tad insensitive! But it didn’t tempt me


But to be honest about 30 seconds ago I just automatically thought about getting a glass of wine

Thankfully none in the house


Love the scary podcasts! Do you listen to Campfire Radio Theater, and 11th Hour Productions? Two of my favs. If you are into Zombies…We’re Alive podcast rocks!

I also love the old time CBS Radio Mystery Theater episodes.


I will be joining you on your sober weekend plans!
I am home alone (kids are with their dad). I have already cleaned my house, it’s Friday night and I am going to watch the “Outlander” series this weekend. Give myself a facial and manicure and a Pilates workout too.
Also: Mass on Sunday followed by a walk on the beach and some strong black coffee afterwards.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you decide to do!


I want chips and curry sauce but I’m on slimming world :persevere:


2nd weekend and its going to be a good choices weekend, no temptation. Tomorrow we are off to see my parents in west Yorkshire as didn’t see them over Xmas new year. Tomorrow night I’ll have a glass of non alcoholic wine as a treat. Sunday is a dog walk and food shopping for the week. Happy sober weekend everyone.