Weekend arrived..Need support to stay SoBeR

Weekend arrived…Need support to stay Sober

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You got it! Keep checking in. Promise yourself that you don’t drink - no matter what.. Reach out for help if the cravings hit. Do whatever you have to do to stay sober.


So it’s the weekend my friend? Why should it be any different to any other day of the week. We don’t need to differentiate any more. Just another day sober/ clean.
Doesn’t matter what others are doing. Your not?
Stay strong buddy!:grinning:


I started this early in sobriety and it worked for me, so I still do this today.

First, I surround myself with as many people as as possible who support my sobriety and make me feel safe. They have to meet both criteria. A list of numbers to call, online, or in person, whatever it takes to not isolate.

Instead of thinking I have to stay sober this week or this weekend or for one day, I ask myself, “what can I do to stay sober right now?”

I make a list if necessary, then check off as much as I can off that list. If I finish the list, I make another one.

The more I think in terms of right now, the better this works for me.


The first weekend was pretty hard. I spent a lot of time just pacing back and forth in the house. I wrote in my journal and decribed what I was feeling. It helped to get it out, process the emotions and all of that. As hard as it seems, just remember it gets easier each time.


@anon12657779 is right, weekend or not, it’s just another day. But in our heads it’s not. My worst time were the weekends, no distraction from work, alone with my head.
For me it helped to get distracted: sports until all you can do is sleep / cook your most loved meals / stay hydrated / clean your house or apartment / flood yourself with positive things / come here as often as you need to to stay sober