Weekend cravings

Sorry this might trigger some people, but I’m trying my best to stay sober for the weekend. I have a 4 day weekend since it’s Memorial Day weekend. Needs to keep busy!


The best advice I can give is don’t put yourself in situations you’re not ready for! If you’re planning on being around people or activities that involve your substance have a plan of how you will combat cravings and temptations. When I go to parties occasionally now, I generally make sure I have non-alcoholic beverages to put in my koozie because people generally can’t see what I’m drinking then and don’t bother me about it because they assume I’m drinking like everyone else, that’s one trick I’ve learned. I also don’t usually go to parties without my wife because she’s a physical reminder of why I chose sobriety and I know if I drink she would be so upset with me it wouldn’t be worth it at all. Hope you have a great weekend that is relaxing!


Its a good topic to be self conscious of because yes this is one of the biggest party weekends of the year…


A sober life is a life of new possibilities. You can define this weeked however you want.

Before I got sober I lived in drunken memories of a sailor that I lost. I couldnt bring him home and it weighed heavey on me. I drank until i fell down.

Now. I place flags on graves, and camp. Sober as can be!

How will you define it?


Same here in France we have 3 days weekend and I’ve planned to stay busy and sober but cravings +++ right now…


Just think of how great you will feel when the weekend is over after you went through it sober.


It always feels great!


Long weekends can be daunting at first. Make a list of things to keep you busy. Make plans early in the mornings so you are a lil less tempted to use. Hit a meeting. Read here. Check in often

Get some nice bits in to eat and some different soft drinks to try. I found having a few nice sweet treats in on a long Bank holiday weekend was a game changer for me. Ice cream is a good one to have in. Relax and enjoy your weekend my friend! If you get triggered, reach out on here, we’re all with you 24/7. Together we can do this one step at a time :pray:t2::two_hearts:

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When a craving hits remember to H.A.L.T… After you make it through Friday then worry about the next day. Only worry about today because if you think of it as a 4 day weekend it can get overwhelming. That’s called future tripping… anytime you’re doing that look down at your own two feet and remember where you are right now. All you can control is now and life gets easier when you think of it like that. Best wishes to you. Stay strong and battle on.


Well, here we are Tuesday morning. You made it! We made it! And now we’re ready to have a great week. If we drink, we would be miserable.