Weight loss after giving up Alcohol

Thank you :grinning::v:

I’ve been sober for 49 days. Lost 21lbs so far. Watching what I’m eating and drinking water constantly. Unfortunately for me 20lbs is like taking a handful of sand of the beach and saying it just got smaller. lol


Haven’t seen any weight loss yet because I’ve been eating too much :unamused:


I was about 264 lbs in October 2019, I had a shoulder injury so I wasn’t able to lift and weights for a few months and it was when my alcoholism was starting to peak i gained like 20-30 lbs that year. I started going to the gym but I was still drinking and I would lose weight and gain it back very fast. Last summer I was back up to 254 lbs, I was about 240 a few months prior. Once I quit drinking and had my food disciplined prior to quitting drinking. I am now 226 and I suspect I will get down to 215 because that’s where my body weight lies and I’m already 18% body fat and not super interested in being that much lighter.

The most important part though is figuring out your diet and changing it into what you need to eat vs what you want to eat. I lost a lot of weight but if I continued to binge eat food the way I was eating with drinking likely 6000 calories + a day I wouldn’t have lost weight. But you will likely lose weight when quitting drinking just you may notice it more gradually over time when your liver starts to function properly which could take a while some people more than 3 months some people 2 weeks.


That’s what’s happening to me ! I keep reminding myself better sober … but it’s not the side effect I expected.


Ain’t nothing wrong being a member of the sober frumpy club!


Hey, good on ya! That’s a pretty big but steady, healthy drop for 49 days. Keep on keeping on, brother. :+1:

I went from 203 to 170 now im konda stuck. I have been down to 135 before. Im happy at 145 my weight loss is always ups and downs. Feels like a relapse. I am an emotional eater. Seems like what relaly helps is working out hard and eating right avoiding fast food. All the obvious stuff but its hard to stick at it and stay with it.


I lost 11 lbs. Feels great


I am so hoping I do lose weight my god I have gotten huge due to drinking.

I’m working out since November. It was my first fitness journey and I started it sober. Unfortunately had a relapse and been drinking few weekends in the row which stopped my progress. Makes me very disappointed:( Now it’s my 6th day sober and I’m going to fix it.


May I join as well? Looking for motivation.

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