Welcome back, Bill

So, when I got out of institutions I started to wonder things like “where am I still welcome at?”, “Who is very upset with me?” and stuff like that. It blows and my self worth was at an unreal low.

I just wanted @Bill_Phillips to have something nice to find if he chooses to look. We all did stuff. You just happened to do some of it in public. I am sure the longer this forum exists that you won’t be the last. This tribe might understand like no one else, even if we might be a little less gullible about internet forums.

I also just wanted to tell you that I am sorry. Some of your story was hard for me to believe and I believe I have voiced some skepticism and disappointment. I don’t think I aired that publicly but in the event that anything spilled that way, I wanted to apologize for it in public. I do hope that you will be as willing as anyone else who sings out in this thread to work past that part of your life and your relationships to us all. We have all lost so much and given away even more. Would be such a shame to lose sober friendships over burnt pride, resentments and shame. Please reach out when you are ready. By my calculations you should be leaving the clink any day if you aren’t already out.

Walk safely in the light, my friend.

“Adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.” — Max McKeown


Definitely come back as soon as you are out @Bill_Phillips. We missed you and want to continue on the journey with you.


@Bill_Phillips, You are one of the first people I interacted with on this forum. When I gave up, you didn’t allow me to do so without an explanation. And I am still here!

Like @C-sun said, you did things many of us have done but weren’t caught doing. I am amazed every day (and I mean EVERY day) that I was never arrested for some of my crazy antics.

I look forward to your return and participation in the forum.

You are not defined by your past. None of us are. You have a ton of life to live. Make every day awesome!


@Bill_Phillips I honestly had been meaning to wrote to you while you’re on the inside, but it seems that life just keeps getting in the way. Funny how life screws with you and then after you get over it, you are like, “how did I ever get through that?”

God is good. You’re still alive and able to help the people here who need your advice. You might even save a life. I fully believe that we cannot make it to heaven on your own. If you’re not helping others along the way, it just wont be good enough. You e always been that kind of person though, Bill.

Excited to have you back soon, buddy.


@Bill_Phillips it’s been a very long time…I hope if you come across this message that you are well. I miss you.


@Bill_Phillips…waiting for your return buddy. You were one of the early stand outs for me on this forum. Looking forward to seeing your here again. All my love if you see this❤️


@Bill_Phillips so looking forward to having you back on TS , you helped me a lot when I first joined with your knowledge and advice😊


Welcome home @Bill_Phillips. Returning home brings its own challenges but we are all here of and when you need us. We are you, and you are us.


Hey Bill…what’s up? today is a great day to be sober. in fact, today’s the only day that we can be sober. not yesterday, not tomorrow…but today. one day at a time.
I’ve been wondering when you are getting out lately. I’m sure you’ll announce it on your own terms and in time,…anyways. Don’t be a stranger…and don’t hold on to negative emotions. Be truly free.
Welcome back. when ever that is.


@Bill_Phillips. Looking forward to hopefully having you back on the forum soon


@Bill_Phillips, I think of you often and hope to see you back here soon. We all have a past and have done crazy shit. Don’t let that define you or keep you away. Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself. :sunflower:


@Bill_Phillips, I miss you buddy. Hopefully you are on a path that will lead you to the best version of yourself. We are all here for you. Come back soon.


@Bill_Phillips loved having you here, and I’m sincerely hoping to see you soon :sparkles:


@Bill_Phillips, short time I knew you buddy you inspired my early days! Be great to see you again.


I’ve thought about Bill a ton while he’s been away and keep thinking soon he’ll be out! He’s missed and we are all hoping he’s coming out better on the other side of this challenge! :heart: You’re loved and missed my friend.


I agree. I look forward to hearing from @Bill_Phillips again. :sparkling_heart:


Come back, Sparky!


I researched for him yesterday and discovered that he has since been released.


How did you confirm this? Had anyone heard from him? Is he ok?

I have no idea, that is why I was trying to ask. :smile: