Well here goes nothing

I’ve never tried a forum before . I have only been sober for two days. I have been sober a few times and thought I had control because I’m stubborn. Anywho I’ve had a revelation . I don’t have control. So here I am looking for a positive outlook and hope . I need to do this. I have had a seizure in the past . A few asthma attacks and so on. All under the influence but never sober. So of course my habits have to change in order to be healthy.


Welcome to the forums and congrats on the two days :+1:
Admitting you lost control is the first step to sobriety. A hard step to take, but s huge one. Well done.

Visit a lot here, it helps staying focussed and motivated. And there’s a lot of experience here to help you through the process !


Thank You . I will definitely. I’m guessing I will have to yell at myself everyday to do so . Procrastination is kind of a strong suit of mine these days but hey. One day at a time .

Can you use that procrastination as a strength? Postpone that first drink until later?

I got dry by concentrating on getting to bed sober each night. I didn’t drink yesterday and I have a plan to not drink today. When I first started, I was taking Antabuse as the cornerstone of my efforts.

I got sober after I got dry, I needed a few weeks to get the fog out of my brain. For that, I went to individual and group counseling, I found a sponsor and a home group in AA and I worked that program of recovery.

There are lots of ways to get dry and to get sober. People here are willing to share what works for them. Have a look around!

Blessings on your house :pray: as you begin your journey.


I’m sticking to it . I’m not going to procrastinate. Thank you

Welcome here Selena. This site has been a huge help in my sober journey. So many different folks here, so many different outlooks, but all with the same purpose. And all in their own way trying to help themselves by helping each other. Such a rich source of information, of knowledge, of motivation and inspiration. Stick around, learn, read, post. It’s worth it and you’re worth it. Let’s do this!