Well I did it again

Well I have to be honest…I drank yesterday. I gave myself the excuse that it’s my birthday today. Kinda upset with myself, but just going to start over. :disappointed_relieved: I wish I would have fought harder against the urge. I could have done it. I knew it was one of those moments that nothing would have stopped me. Anyways I have a slight hangover of course but I’m going to get up and try to make the best of my day off. Think I’ll try to find an online meeting later tonight when I feel more alive. Hope everyone is hanging in there​:heart:


This looks like it should fit the bill!

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Thank you!

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You still got it Jane have a good one keep your head up it happens. Sometimes it takes time to realize how much you want to quit. Good luck with everything.


Thank you for the encouragement. :slight_smile: