Well thats 24 hours

so ive done the first 24 hours, i got paid today and i cant lie the temptation is there, ive given my parnets most of my money, but i am heading in to town today for appointments, i dont want to buy any drink but sometimes ive made the decision before ive even know it, i dont want to, i want to make another 24 hrs sober, i want to do this


maybe don’t have money with you when you go.


Keep it up you can do it , tomorrow is my 3rd day I haven’t made it to day 4 in years so ill hang in there and come look here to keep focused…good luck eat a big lunch i can’t drink if ive eaten


Hi, just do what you did yesterday, but today!
And keep walking past the alcohol aisle :walking_woman::+1:
You can do this :heart:

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You denfinly can get to day 4 :slight_smile: i believe in you

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Totally understand this. Many a time I just found myself doing it, when I’d promised myself I wouldn’t.
Thing is, now you know this can happen, and is a part of being an addict, you can defend against it.
Once I realised that other people also had the same problems and they had got through their early days, I found I could as well.
We all can, but at first it feels easier to just give in, go the old route.
Like anything in life, the more we do things the easier it gets, the more days we have sober, the more little victories we have the more we can be spured on.
Keep the momentum going.


I didn’t make it. I’m new to this but I created a topic not sure how this works…should of came here before

hi how are you feeling today ?

Been better