We're not "boring"!


I’m a full week off the booze (whoop!)
I posted this on Facebook to share my success with my FB family. Lots of positive responses and replies but one - just one - replied with “boring”. This person used to be my manager - a senior HR professional.
I’m 39 now, and I have been drinking pretty much daily for about 20 years. If my mindset was weak, as it certainly has been in the past, I might have cracked just to feel ‘accepted’ and ‘normal’.
My reply?
“Oh, please, you should know me well enough by now that I don’t need booze to put my party pants on!”
The lesson: you are amazing just as you are. Be strong, know your own mind, and love yourself until everyone else does too!
Keep going, gang; you’ve got this!


Great lesson and response! I like the way you’re thinking about this, it really is nice to be who we are without the booze mask on. Congratulations on your first week of many to come!


Haha, I’m not gonna lie, my sobriety is pretty boring to other people. But to me, it’s amazing! When I’m not at work I’m playing my computer game and reading. That’s pretty much it. I love my time to myself. I’m a hard core introvert and I work in a diner, so I get my share of “fun” and socializing at work then spend my me time doing what I love. It’s so not boring to me!

When I was drinking I went to work, then straight to the bar (usually 2 or 3 in the afternoon) then went home once I was sufficiently medicated. The last few years there was almost no reading. I would just sit in front of the tv until it was time to go to bed and not really remember anything I watched. Even on my days off it was waiting until noon or 1 when I could go to the bar, then rinse and repeat. I never went anywhere other than the bar (except the few months I was in the stupidest relationship) those last few years. So THAT was dumb and boring.