What are our biggest alcohol trigger and relapses? A. Anxiety B.sadness C.Impulsivity D.Craving E.Stress


My biggest triggers is stress and relapse is also stress


The past. But the GREAT thing is that being sober allows me the control to file the past where it belongs.


Biggest trigger for me is stress. It causes depressive drinking. Relapse gives me anxiety


Stress and week-end related anxiety ! :frowning:


Feeling really good! Especially when I close a deal or finish a project.

The cravings come hard then.


Anxiety no doubt. I have anxiety and depression and would take depression over what anxiety does to me any day.


Boredom and delusional thinking that this time it would be different.


All of the above plus happiness, content, love, basically every emotion you can think of can act as a trigger for me :joy:


All of the above. Its uncontrollable.


Being awake😀 actually it would be work related stress!


Right now my biggest trigger is Friday after work and long weekend days


A, b, c, d, and e.


Stress and Sadness, and Weekends :expressionless:


I find my biggest trigger is just wanting that extra enthusiasm during social events or even just rocking out to some tunes in my lonesome. Music is a huge trigger for me. But as good as I feel for the first hour or so after my first swig, I know its not worth the rest of my night being in a depressed slumber, being spiteful towards my friends, and wasting money I dont have to powder my nose. Im only 10 days in sobriety and unlike past struggles, this one feels good. Went away on a cottage trip with friends and had absolutely no desire to indulge. For the time being, I’m ahead of my triggers and feels great!


That’s definitely a big one. I try to think of my emotional state come Monday morning after a weekend of binging and doing/saying reckless things when I get triggered during the weekend.


As much as I love music, sadly, it is a tirgger for me as well. I liked jamming out to music by my lonesome and getting ripped. Guess we need to reprogram our brain in that department. Thanks for sharing.


I can’t agree more.


Aw, those evil delusions. How I loathe them.


I’ll feel really good about something for a minute or two until my sneaky alcoholic mind tries to tell me to enhance that feeling by getting ripped and waking up emotionally and physically like hell the next morning.


I will try that. For this Friday I made dinner reservations for right after I get home from work. I thought if I broke the habit of coming home to do nothing it may help. Next Friday I’m going to the movies right after work. I have what I call the witching hours- from 530 to 8 where I have the urge to drink and if I stay busy until 8 I am ok.