What do you say when refusing a drink?

What do you say when refusing a drink?

No thanks, I have Muay Thai training early tomorrow. Always worked for me. But I did have early training. I say if you say and a reason why, usually they let it go “No thanks, I’m cutting back for my health” is a good and basic ones


Adding health reasons : lose weight, better hydration, elevated mood, lower blood pressure, better sleep, help my liver, help my kidneys, help my heart. Throw some of those out there


I had to refuse last weekend during a golf game with friends. I told them I was on call for work, so I had to stay sober in case work called. Which was true, but the old me would have rolled the dice hoping I didn’t have to go in and drank anyway. I was actually being responsible for a change.


That’s great! Thank you! I’m in corporate equity management, desk job. What other excuses do you say?

Excellent. Thank you so much. I don’t want people to know I’m avoiding. I think I’ll say… I’m trying to lose weight. Thank you

I tell my friends the truth. Real friends will understand. But usually following up with a reason, not an excuse, helps with them avoiding the question later


Im allergic to alcohol. Everytime I drink I break out in handcuffs.


I’ve told people I have an early morning meeting, or similar to Atticus I’ll tell people I’m fitting in a workout later. But again, these are things I actually do that make sense to people who know me. People I’ve talked to seem to ask fewer questions if I say something about work.


Haha. I breakout in unexplainable bruises all over. :confused:


I definitely want to say that at some point. I’m constantly failing my sobriety attempts at the moment.

I am taking a medication and doc says no booze.


Ooh excellent. I used to say that when I was on Accutane. I’ll try that again, thank you.

People might want to drink if they are on any otc’s lol! So I feel doubly honest :wink:

Part of the reason you may be having trouble staying sober is an inability to be honest with those around you. You may not want to tell people your situation, but if you want to be sober, it may be best to avoid the people, places and things that trigger your drinking/use until you get a better handle on yourself. There is nothing wrong with not drinking. Most people think nothing of it.

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No thanks, I don’t drink. As simple as that. You don’t have to explain yourself. Maybe politely ask for a non alcoholic beverage instead.


I dont drink :slight_smile: to me its very easy to say :slight_smile: and it makes me smile .

That’s interesting I also use to drink alone st home but never socially…once I got to a certain point I took my habit into the closet where no one could see what happens when I have “one glad of wine”.

Now I just say no thanks.

I don’t like the taste, if I’m going to drink it’s to get smashed not for a buzz or for the flavour.

I’ve over done it, drank enough over the years to last a lifetime

Sometimes I’ll just say WHY aren’t I / don’t I drink? That’s a weird question… Why are/ DO YOU drink?

Then follow up with "oh…I see, well I don’t feel like it/ like it/ it’s not good for me/ don’t like the taste / board of being buzzed / I’m more entertained by other people’s buzzes than my own etc

I try my best not to lie about it but simply because I don’t want to be ashamed of doing something that’s good for me. I also find it easier to stand up to people who get a little pushy about it. I find that when I own it people tend to respect my choice and sometimes disclose their own desire to" cut back" or sometimes you can se people who were about to go overboard slow down, or decided to prove something to themselves by joining you in not drinking for the night.

At the very least pushy people stay out of your way because your sobriety makes them uncomfortable with their own drinking. If they DO come back to bug you, they are usually drunk enough to make your case for you lol.


These days I say I don’t drink, it’s part of my weight loss / health plan. (which is true, but not the MAIN reason)

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Over the holidays I simply said “I’m taking a break from drinking”. I tell ya, EVERY person said “that’s great, I should do that too”.

Now, I did NOT say “I’ve quit drinking, I’m an alcoholic”…they don’t need that much information. LOL

Though another trick is to keep a virgin version of a drink in your hand…it actually keeps people from asking.