What do you tell people?

question… when people ask you why don’t you drink? How do you respond? Now i am talking about not close friends or family but like co-workers. Its come up a few times that I don’t drink (not trying to hide it anymore) but how do you respond without implying you have a problem or get too deep.


Think back in your life to when somebody said “I don’t drink”. Did you think anything of it? Did you even really give it a second thought? I know I didn’t.

As alcoholics we tend to think everything is all about us. Like people are always thinking about us or want to know every detail why we don’t drink. That’s not usually the case.

So that’s my answer. I don’t drink. If the ask why then I tell them me and alcohol don’t mix well, so I Choose to not drink it. It has never gone past that. No one in my 9 months of sobriety has ever pressed the matter further. Mainly because they don’t give a shit that I don’t drink😉


I tell people because when I drink or use I do stupid shit like rob people,and steal and lie and cheat and manipulate and I don’t like the person I become and niether would they- I personally don’t have a problem telling people if they ask why but normally most people don’t ask me why I don’t drink- they will ask if I want a beer or whatever and when I tell them I don’t drink they ussually don’t take it any further then that


Lol. Someone said on here the other day that they tell peeps “drinking makes me break out in handcuffs”


I tell them, “I’m allergic to alcohol. It makes me wake up with Ugly Women.” That seems to defuse the tenseness w humor…unless it’s an ugly woman I’m talking to. They get offended ;0)


Why do you have to defend yourself? Just say you don’t like it. It’s poison. You have to defend not liking putting ethanol into your body?

Yeah thanks for the words. With starting a new job and holiday parties I have been telling people I don’t drink and a few have said why? I didn’t even know what to say

I agree just say I prefer not to,drinking is not a norm to live up to,now I drink but in moderation as I can NOT handle the aftershocks.
My addiction was meth and crack and no one asks gee why’d you stop?
Unfortunately it’s not the same for alcohol.