What have you accomplished?!?

How has your life improved since you quit drinking and what new accomplishments have you made?

Now that I have quit drinking and have worked out some kinks I feel like I am getting my life back! Winter quarter starts tomorrow, my 4th quarter in college, and I am taking 3 classes. My husband has a new schedule at work that allows him to be home 4 days a week. I feel like everything is coming together for us again after a series of unfortunate events lasting 2 years. Looking back over the last 10 months since I started drinking… I’m thinking how in the world did I keep up with my family, my business, pull off a 4.0 every quarter AND develop a drinking habit? I guess I didn’t handle transitioning from full-time stay at home mom to full-time student very well but I am officially hitting the reset button! NOT on my sober counter, but on my life out of my stay-at-home-mommy phase! I hope to soon have a big list of my own new accomplishments! Best wishes to everyone for 2017!