What I learned in AA last night

Last night I had two options, go to a big football/birthday/drinking party with my friends or go to AA. I chose AA. Group was small last night, mostly older crowd. At 32, I’m glad I decided to do this because listening to the stories of people in their 50’s and 60’s made me understand the dark path alcohol takes you down if you wait that long to stop. Every one of them had lost everything because of that poison. I’m blessed to still have my family and I intend on keeping that way thanks to sobriety.


Good for you. You have a chance not to make some of the mistakes a lot of us have. Hoping you take full advantage of it. Even though you have to put up with the 50s and 60s,lol just kidding.

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At the rate I was going I wouldn’t have seen my 50’s or 60’s.

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I’ll have to look in to that. I love sports but it seems like every place I want to go to watch games revolves around alcohol so I stay home.

right on man. keep goin and you’ll meet/make friends with some other sports fans. i’m the same age as you and i’ve met several cool people about my age who are always inviting me to watch big games on their huge tvs and all.


Got what you’re saying. You can change all of that. It’s your future.

im 65 went to my first meeting when i was 34 still going to meets saved my life