What is wrong with me?


Well after 14 days I’m back to day 1. I returned back to work and couldn’t handle it so I went to the bottle. I’m letting everyone around me down and it’s starting to mess with my finances, I might lose my job. Need some light at the end of this tunnel.


If you can’t handle your job without drinking, maybe that’s not the job for you. When one door closes another door opens. If you keep using alcohol to cope with life’s problems you’re just going to have more problems. In order to take hold of sobriety you have to let go of the bottle. You have to hold on to sobriety like your life depends on it, because it does.
You CAN do this. Sometimes life is just an annoying pain in the ass whether youre sober or not. Booze is not going to change that.


But to answer your question, what is wrong with you? You’re an alcoholic(addict). We addicts are notorious for making counter productive decisions. You are so not alone in that. God loves us inspite of our flaws and he will never give up in us, so don’t give up on yourself!
Mistakes are just a way to learn lessons we were to stubborn to avoid :joy:.
I hope I’m not coming off as too harsh because I am coming from a place if love and understanding.


Sobriety isn’t easier or else everyone would be sober. Best of luck to you.


I don’t believe we’re more prone to addiction than anyone else. You just happen to know that ethanol gives you a temporary ignorance to the problems you’re facing. That’s the only way to describe it. It’s a psychoactive poison. There is nothing wrong with you. The ethanol made an imprint on your brain and you need to realize that it’s a dangerous substance. Nobody in reality should drink it, but especially to cope with problems.