What is your favorite store or shop?


Amazon is wonderful. I can type in just about anything and Bam.


Same. I’m like a guy when it comes to shopping. Not my thing. In & out quickly, no strolling the aisles :running_woman::dash:


Thrift stores and farmer’s markets. Love finding good quality clothing and household items to clean up and love… and I love food. Other than that, hate shopping.


Barnes & Noble is my favorite store. I always find something in there to fall in love with. I love the smell of a fresh book.


Any grocery store taking care of my physical self has been rewarding. The rehab I was in earned me a free year membership to a premier workout facility. I’m feeling great as well as starting to look great.


I do like the produce at Sprouts. I make a second shopping trip just for that store.


I used to love grocery stores, until I worked in them everyday.

I love kitschy gift shops, antique stores, and thrift. Small beach towns, with a main strip of cool shops, make me super happy. We don’t have those here in good ol’ Nebraska. :smirk:



Record store? I could be in there an hour or two.

Grocery shopping? MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!


I guess I am more of a stroller than a shopper - less so in a thrift, but I just stroll along, looking at the things AND the people. :wink:


Walmart , Gamestop and Lowe’s


Dollar Tree


Any good kitchen store or crazy deli filled with delights from all over the world


Awful, I go there bc I need a new pillow and go home with a completely new interior :joy:


This is so me!
I like going down every isle and checking it all out, even if i only need a couple items. My eyes are fine tuned to scan for specials and unit pricing so i can make proper comparisons - not every special is actually special.


AMAZON.COM :joy::joy::joy: that is a complete sentence!


Gem / Rock / Crystal shops (in person) might be my second favorite


You’re in Indy too?!


I am indeed!!!