What is your gameplan friend?


As I started typing this post it was going to be all about me…But being all about me has been the source of most all the self inflicted grief in my life. My higher power changed my mind so let’s make it about everyone else by asking simple question:

What is your strategy to make it through the rest of the weekend sober?

Mine is to spend time with my family and try not to worry too much about the immediate future as I have asked the Lord to help me with some burdens.


I’m at an AA convention. I doubt I will be drinking this weekend.


I’m snowed in, so hanging out at home eating everything in sight. Killing time by trying to write a song that rivals “We built this city” as the best song ever. @aircircle knows what I’m talking about.


I have a ton of work to do this weekend. I have to grade papers and read about 100 pages. My game plan is to actually do my work rather than procrastinate by drinking my face off. Grading papers sometimes is a trigger for me. I always tell myself that I’m going to have just one or two while I grade to take the edge off the boredom, but what invariably happens is that I drink so much that I can’t concentrate on what I’m reading anymore and I have to stop. Then nothing gets done. Glad I have enough clarity tonight to see the insanity of that thought.


I am watching Mom on Hulu…well, first watching Fyre Fraud …and reading sober memoirs. A friend has been here since Monday, leaving this coming Monday, so it has been busy. I am ready to get our house back to just us 2.


Fyre fraud is a good one. Shit is crazy


Hmmm. I’m not doing much. I have to cook family dinner tomorrow.

I think I’m going to spend more energy trying to get OUT of doing stuff then actually doing stuff. Hubby and baby girl want to go skating on the canal…older girl and me don’t wanna go (because, you know, winter sucks). I picture lots of bickering tomorrow morning. LOL


We already watched the other one, that was good as well.


Going to meetings and having lunch with new AA friends and our dogs. Four ladies and four dogs. I love having a brand new network of friends with whom I’ll never feel the pressure to drink. Feeling very grateful this weekend.


Wait? Is there one on Hulu too? I’m trying to get outta here early and go relax


I also am in not doing mode. We did Disney yesterday and it takes me days to undo all the humanity bombarding my system. Lots of yoga for me.


Fyre Fraud was hilarious. It’ll have you shaking your head all the way through. I’m going to watch the other Fyre documentary this week, too.

If there’s one message to be deduced from Fyre Fraud, it’s that social media is incredibly toxic.


We’re finally on the current season of Mom. I’m going to be sad when I have to start waiting a whole week for the next episode.


Yes, Hulu has Fyre Fraud. Netflix has Fyre.


Good looks. I watched the one on Netflix. Now I will check out the one on Hulu


Just started Mom…love having lots to look forward to…I m patiently waiting for Ballers, The Deuce, Divorce and our beloved Westworld to return to HBO.


Sounds like you have lots to be grateful for.


Watch Glass, cooking for the week, finish a book “Tuesdays with Morrie”. Go to the gym, bible study, AA meeting, and dinner with friends. I’m sure I can find more to do


Oh Tuesdsys with Morrie is such a touching read!!


This weekend, I am snowed in so I will be redirecting my drive into less physical activity and more into strengthening the weak parts of my mind.