What is your gameplan friend?


Mountains of laundry, long baths, taking care of my children, making sure I talk with at least one other alcoholic every day, and trying to get some sleep.


Right now…mounds of Chinese food…I ordered way to much…they figured it must have been for 5 people…I got 5 fortune cookies…its just me and my cat


No such thing. Chinese food is one of those rare foods that the leftovers taste better than the first run. Pizza also falls into this category, as does Ziti. Therefore, there’s no such thing as “too much”. Too much French fries, yes. Too much pork fried rice? Impossibru


Come on over, I got days worth


Leftover pizza is amazing cooked in a toasted sandwich maker, kind of like a calzone.


Very much true so far!! Anything else interesting you’ve read?


Did you watch the Hulu and the Netflix ones?
They are different but both good.


Just the Netflix one


The Hulu one is pretty good too.
Looks at it from a different angle. They show more of the shit show side :joy:


This weekend is my church’s Stake Conference, so I have been and will continue to go to that :slight_smile:

…You’ll never guess who gets to speak during the main session tomorrow, will you? Haha, I am getting a bit nervous. But it’s a good kind of nervous, the kind that stretches you to something you’ll appreciate later :slight_smile:


Hmm nothing along the same lines as Tuesdays with Morrie… I must of read that book more than 10 years ago now!


I often order too much food too hehe, mostly 3 different meals so I can eat a little bit of everything. I keep leftovers for the next day.


Never thought about this possibility :star_struck: Oh.My.God


Unfortunately, I eat delicious food just like I did my alcohol, I eat until it’s all gone :unamused:. No such thing as leftovers in my fridge… I’m tackling remedies on the food front now. *Sigh

Does my obsession ever end???


But, don’t you feel awfully full after? I first had to learn to stop eating as soon as I felt the tiniest bit of … how do you guys say that? Beeing slightly full? :grin:


Yes, your term works… soon as your “satisfied” might work a little better. My ex partner spoke German and Dutch… I think I learned 15 words in 19 years of marriage listening to the Germanic languages… so I’m not judging :rofl:

Yes, I get the same “got to have more”, cravings with food. I need to train myself to recognize the satisfied signals. Work in progress.


We are all a work in progress, no shame in that! We’ve just got to keep working on us. We will get there!


My gameplan is to keep getting better at getting better. “Will this make me better?” is a test I apply throughout much of my day. Will it make me healthier mentally, physically, spiritually? Will this make me a better husband and father? A better friend? A better employee? If the answer is “no”, then I really don’t have time to spend doing it.

Example: Friend wants to meet and watch a game together. Meet in a bar, and part of my attention and mental energy will be spent on alcohol. Invite him over to my house, tell him BYOB, and I’ll handle the food, no energy spent on thinking about drinking, and I can be a better friend by putting together some great eats.


I’m going to lunch and a hockey game with my family today including my son. This previously would’ve given me an excuse to start drinking at lunch and continue on until bedtime, regardless of my sons presence. I’m happy to say my motivation not to drink today is to be present for my son and family allowing the focus of the day to be the time spent together, watching his reaction as he has new experiences and finding the enjoyment in what we are doing instead of thinking of how many drinks I can respectfully gulp. I will wake up tomorrow guilt and hangover free with new memories instead of replaying the days events feeling ashamed and broken with a headache to start the week.


This weekend has been working nights on 12hr shift, my son’s birthday party and sleep :facepunch::grin: