What keeps you motivated to stay clean/sober?


For me right now, it’s myself. I’m doing it for me because I need to learn how to value myself more.


That’s the only answer for me!


Not getting fired, arrested, killed


I’m doing so that I can find myself. My addiction has covered up my personality, it’s defined me for so long that don’t even know how I am. Its kind of sad. I’ve also never had clear goals and priorities for myself. I hope I can find out what they are along the way.


I really really like the sober me :grin::grin::sparkling_heart:


I just posted about this exact thing. It’s like a diffrent planet…


What isn’t better sober? Everything in my life has improved, absolutely everything.


Same! I’m doing it for me, myself, and I :heart:


Because i remember what it was like when i was obsessed with alcohol.
NOTHING compared to drinking. Nothing could possibly make me feel that good, that quick.
It was all a bunch of lies.
And in the end alcohol made me feel worse about myself. I still feel like i have a shadow following me whispering in my ear, that im worthless, im a despicable disgusting alcoholic and everybody knows it. (They don’t. People at work think im a little angel.) I keep torturing myself with thoughts that im a disgrace, an embarrassment.
I hope all of that goes away eventually. For now i just have to make due and use it as a tool in my sobriety. I dont remember what being drunk or buzzed feels like. And i dont want to know again, because i think i might like it too much, like i did before.


I had been drinking for more than 40 years …since I was a teenager back in the 1970s. That is a lot of booze. I knew everything there was about the drinking life and what it offered me. I really wanted to know what life was like sober. It took a lot of hell, but I do know what life is like sober, what I am like sober. I could cry thinking of all those years I lived behind the veil…all those terrible, painful choices and consequences, but such is life.

Getting sober allowed me to actually become myself…an adult who doesn’t drink…a completely different me…the real me, not the chemically changed me.

What a relief to know I will live my final days and hopefully years as I was intended, sober, clear, happy, at peace with myself. What a blessing.


Right now? Sheer stubbornness. I’ll be damned if everyone around me thinks I’m incapable of recovery then I’ll show them. Plus I want to be happy. I want to feel like I’m worth being happy. Hoping sobriety helps with that.


Like the feeling of being present.
Not causing others pain.
Self respect.


I’m wasting my life when Im drunk.


Doing it for me, having my family enjoy the sober me is a bonus. Peaceful nights, grateful mornings not feeling sick, and the little things like not having to say to my sons “daddy can’t drive you there, I’ve been drinking”.


Not wanting to repeat physical withdrawal.


Being alive, sober and happy all at once makes me want to continue this journey.