What lengths did you go, if any at all, to hide your consumption?

Just curious. I’m sure we could have some interesting stories here. Haha. I would shove my hand down further into the trash can in fear of my wife throwing something away and seeing just how many beers stacked up on top of the can every night. I would sneak home early so I could stop by the store to pick up a new case without her seeing me walk in and then transfer them into the fridge. We would take turns tucking the kids in and when she was in the room lots of times I would sneak to the cabinet and take a swig of poison before she came out. Crazy that all of that seemed perfectly acceptable in my head at the time. Looking back it now it seems ridiculous. All of that was only last week. :joy: Never again. One day at a time.


What made you need to hide your consumption?
Did you know within you that what you were doing was wrong?
How can we get over guilt and shame?
How to make this behavior ok with our loved ones?

I got no stories…but I got questions.


I knew that I was drinking too much but I guess this was my way of hiding it from myself in a way too. It doesn’t make sense to me at all looking back but for some reason at the time it made sense so I could have another drink without my wife noticing that I had already had more than enough. I was in denial and knew that if she knew how much I drank she would hold me accountable and I was scared of that. Seems silly now.


I may be the only one who acted this way. I’m not sure. Maybe it’s something deeper down in me. Guilt, shame, ego? Sort of why I was asking the question. Maybe to feel less alone in my stupidity.


reflecting on what is the truth of our condition is important. That is why I am asking questions.

No. You are not alone in this behavior. Most of us did those things.
Read around and keep asking these questions. They become the source of change that is needed.


Never like those topics that much. We all know we are ingenious in getting or DOC if we want it. Did you ask her if what in your mind is hiding is really the case? Might well be she knows and doesn’t mention it…At least that is one of my experiences. It is not ridiculous but insane behavior and not worth of I smiling emotion.

Wish you all the best :pray:

Thank you. I appreciate your response and it does really make me wonder about my line of thought. I guess without examining through questioning it, I will never really understand it.

I apologize about the smiling emoticon if it offended you. I guess just my way of coping with it is having to laugh at myself. Definitely not everyone’s way and I understand if it offended you.

It is not offending me, however those discussions certainly trigger something within me. I recognize myself in it at certain point, also bragged made it light by laughing about it and making it small. So totally understand your coping mechanism on this (I think).

Discussed it some years ago with the mother of my son were I put my empty bottles etc. She replied: did you really think I didn’t know that……

My post is to maybe show it is a serious thing, which should not be taking lightly. In my opinion it is serious addictive behavior which shows the progress of this lethal disease. The only one I was fooling was myself.


Thank you. I definitely understand this. I don’t know if I am ready to ask her that yet. I’m only on day 3 of sobriety. Thank you for the response.


Congratulations on your three days, keep in the train. It’s hard work. Has been a long road for me and still hard work to build a sober life.


No, you’re not the only one.

But it’s great not to be in that place and state of mind now.


Oh boy i would replace bottles like nobodys business. I would put trash over my cans too hoping they wouldnt be seen. I dreaded when he threw out the trash and all my bottles clinked…wondering if he noticed. It was all insane. I wasnt fooling anyone.

Im so greatful to be free from the insanity. 140 days free today!


Congrats on 140 days. That’s amazing. Great work. I’m on my way there, just further behind. Haha.


I didn’t hide anything, probably because my spouse and I were alcoholics/addicts together. However, I got sober but he didn’t. He wasn’t ready when I was and carried on for 2 more years. During that 2 years, he thought he was sneaky but I knew all his hiding spots but I never let on. I let him believe he was keeping it from me. I learned long ago that confronting a drunk never helped anyone and it certainly wouldn’t get him to stop any sooner than when he was ready. He’s now 14 months sober and we still don’t talk about it. The past is in the past and I’d rather keep the focus on what we’re both doing to remain sober today.


I hid mines because they didn’t want me to drink at all, not even in moderation. They would pour my bottles out so i started hiding them in every place i could think of. Take a swig when nobody was looking. Id hide bottles outside in the bushes. Rooftop. In my clothes. Behind books on bookshelves. In my car. Everywhere.

Im a huge water drinker so I started buying only clear liquor so that I could pour the liquor into water bottles. Then id fill the liquor bottle up with water. I could do this because they don’t drink. I was pretty bad…


You aren’t alone with this type of behavior. I hid my drinking in both quantity and frequency. I was a closet drinker so I did the typical hid bottles and cans in, well, closets and stuff.

I thought I was slick, hiding my drinking. Now, my wife even my kids say they knew. The only thing they didn’t know was how much I was drinking, had they knew that my math was 1 drink = 6 drinks, they probably would have pressed harder for me to get sober, sooner.


I can relate to some of this too…Also my mom hides hers all the time…once she hid it in the a water bottle and my wife poured it in one of her house plants she was peod


Good topic. I wonder how much others knew about my drinking, I was never forthcoming with my drinking details to those I didn’t drink with. I would be interested to ask former employers if I hid it as successfully as I hoped I did.

Sober and honest now. 7 months.


I hid my bottles everywhere, behind the sink any gaps, wardrobes drawers and whats weird is i could of just chucked it in the bin i would of been less likely to have been caught, hiding them before people realised i was drinking and even when they knew?? Why ??
I remember when i got sober and i was clearing out my house oh my gosh i found cans and bottles in pkaces i didnt even know existed and it was all me. So glad i can look bck at this now and be gratefull i dont live like that anymore.