What lengths have you gone to to get your hands on some alcohol?

Just curious how far any of you have gone for a drink. I have sooo many experiences with this but I’ll just share my last one.

I was trying to stay sober but just couldn’t seem to get a handle on it. I had been doing okay for a couple of weeks but then I had this strong urge to drink. My boyfriend and I went to the gym and I saw this as an opportunity to get some alcohol. I told him I was going to a yoga class for an hour, but of course I wasn’t. I waited until he went to lift weights and then I snuck out and literally ran to the liquor store and back. I thought I could drink half the bottle and meet him at the end of that hour like we were supposed to, and I guess I thought he wouldn’t notice. How stupid of me! Instead, I drank the entire bottle and passed out on the floor in the locker room. After waiting on me 30 minutes, he asked the front desk clerk to go check on me. She found me and had to have my boyfriend come carry me to the car. Looking back, I cannot believe how powerful that urge is to drink that I would go to such extreme lengths to get it. What kinds of insane things have you guys done to get some alcohol?


I have took bottles from my dad and pour the booze into a cup . Then return the bottle full of water . So many times I did this feeling happy I haven’t done that in 14 days

I drank mouthwash when I wanted to change the way I felt but couldn’t get my hands on anything else

Always threw up after a good amount of it

I was sober for 10 months then my mom gave me my inheritance early her home. She couldn’t stand to live here after my dad passed away. I pay rent until she passes away. Anyway the house is great but it is r right next to a bar. My hubby works night shift I started sneaking over while he was at work. I pulled it off for awhile until he came home early and found me almost dead passed out in the bathtub. I’m 28 days sober. I’ve done so many deceitful things to get alcohol. I even texted an old boyfriend to buy me a bottle of whiskey and bring it to me Behind my hubby back. I’m ashamed of myself but I’m trying again to stay sober this time. Sorry if I was rambling on.

I’ve drank an entire bottle of vanilla extract 3 times, because it was the only alcohol in the house that my husband wouldn’t notice was missing.
I’ve also taken shots of NyQuil and drank entire bottles of medicinal herbal tinctures.
I can’t have anything in the house anymore that is alcohol based, I cannot control myself.


I live in walking distance to a number of bars. Two close at 3am but one stops serving earlier. The other is a bowling alley. I’d order multiple drinks trying desperately to get the bartenders attention. And more than once, I’ve put the whole glass in my coat for the walk home.

Jesus writing that makes it sound pathetic. It is.

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