What makes an alcoholic an alcoholic or an addict

Can you drink a few days a week and not be an alcoholic if you can stop whenever you want? Or can you use drugs sometimes and not be considered an addict because you can stop if you wanted to? Or does doing those things a few times a week automatically make you an alcoholic or addict? I was just wondering if you “needed” the compulsivness and being out of control to be considered an addict or alcoholic. I dont know if im making sense.

If your life is unmanageable because of alcohol or drugs, or if you get sick because you don’t have them, you’re probably an addict. It took me hitting rock bottom a few times to realize just how unmanageable my life really was. Be careful if you’re blessed to have not gotten that far . It’s an uphill battle that I will fight until I die. I just hope my children never have to go through this experience.


To me it’s the wanting To stop and not being able too. If you’re using makes you happy, there’s nothing to stop you from pursuing that. If makes you miserable and you want to stop but keep using, you got a problem.


Is what you do considered normal behaviour? Not as in what society now deems normal, I mean actual normal behaviour.

If the answer is no then it’s worth reviewing your life choices if you are fortunate enough to be really able to choose and stop whenever you want.


Im 38 days sober i was just wondering. Just a question i wanted to ask

My answer was a generic question. Sorry if it came across as direct, not intended.


The questions make perfect sense, imo. Every person who may have a problem needs to ask some questions like that, imo pt.2.

I don’t think there are many automatics on the topic, but a good place to start is: is it interfering with your life? Which is not the same as asking: Are you living in a cardboard box, turning tricks, and a stabbing people in the face for wallets? I had an absurd definition for “problem”, which, for me, was a problem. My expectation of the unlikely was part of my delusion. That was me, anyway.

But my drinking, though having the appearance of control, led to many actions I hid. Prob1. And I swore against the bottle. Repeatedly. Prob2. And I was less able to come through on things I wanted to be responsible with. Prob3.

Maybe for starters it’s worth answering: Why are you on an app for addicts?

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Can you drink 1 glass and be satisfied?