What substitute (non-alcoholic) drinks do you order when your out with friends or a work event?


So I find myself in social situations where people are drinking either in mr personal or professional life. What are some non-alcoholic drinks you order that don’t make you stand out?

So far I have come up with:
non-alcoholic ginger beer
Non-alcoholic beer
Arnold palmer
Vergin marry
Ginger ail and cranberry juice

Who can add to my list?


Coffee. Always coffee.


I like ginger beer with a splash of cranberry. They’ll usually even put a lime in when they “mix” it. I feel in love with those when I was pregnant and still going to happy hours.


Kaliber by Guinness. It’s not a Stout style like they normally make. But to me one of the best N/As


Coke. Full-fat red-label coke. It’s the only time I’ll drink it, too. If I won’t drink alcohol, I will not deny myself sugar.


I just ask for sprite in a drink glass with a lemon and a lime.
Then anyone who doesn’t know I’m sober will assume I’m drinking and those who do know will know I’m not.

I’m not always up for explaining to people why I don’t drink. When they aren’t drinking I will tell anyone but when they are out and about drinking they don’t want to hear about an alcoholic.


My wife and I have always ordered just water. She has this thing where she doesnt like drinking her calories. I don’t track calories, since i have such a beast of a metabolism, but drinking calories has always made little sense to me. Most of the drinks you order at restaurants are just loaded with sugars, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. Not healthy like water… unless you’re getting a V8, I guess. Still though, drinking the fructose makes it process in your body faster so you absorb it quickly. More likely for the sugar to be converted into fat stores.

I’m such a buzzkill. :confounded:


I’m a bit of a fitness/nutrition freak, so in my day-to-day life, you won’t find me with anything other than black coffee or water. It’s really all I want.

If I’m at an event or night out where there’s drinking, I’ll get a soda water with lime. Even just having something carbonated like that makes me feel like I’m having something “special”. And add that lime garnish? Yowza, I’m really getting crazy. I know, I’m remarkably exciting :joy:

But, it works for me and I like it :slight_smile:


I gave up soda years ago, I can’t drink coffee because of my anxiety (maybe decaf) I can drink unsweetened black tea occasionally. I love carbonation though so I drink a lot of la croix, bubly water.


I drink fizzy water with a splash of POM pomegranate juice (great for blood pressure) at home, but never cola or other soda pop. That’s for going out, so I get the whole “special” thing.


Sprite with lime or cherry if I’m at a restaurant and red bull or can sprite zero if I’m just out and about!! Everyone always thinks my can Sprite zeros are bud light( never had a taste for that🤢) when I put them in my koozie so it helps keep people off my back about why I’m not drinking also lol


Mellow yellow!


Okay, I’d kill for a Mellow Yellow right now…

  1. Thou shalt not kill. Unless it’s for a mellow yellow.


They stopped selling Mellow Yellow about 25 years ago in Australia…Ive been deprived of it for what feels like a lifetime :disappointed_relieved:


What on earth is a mello yellow?


Same here (a buzkill)! I’m a water person. But - having worked in a restaurant, I typically will ask for something like a Perrier, or at least ask them to get the hot water for tea with a side of ice (most of the time they just pour you water from the tap). I’m not a soda drinker at all - stopped at about 30 yrs ago, thankfully. If they have something fancy like cucumber water, I might do that, or ice tea. Truthfully, the last couple times I was out, I brought my own water. (I drink distilled or RO pretty much exclusively.) I don’t really care what people think or about “blending in.” Screw 'em. :wink:


@Shazzles I will pray for you.

@Insperation it is the greatest lemon lime drink of all time. I will pray for you as well.


It is only the most amazing soda ever. It’s like drinking the urine of Angels.


I am def a LaCroix Boi all day every day. It’s got those fizzy bubbles.