What substitute (non-alcoholic) drinks do you order when your out with friends or a work event?


It’s no doubt like drinking urine. It’s like the Mr. Pibb of Mountain Dew. :nauseated_face:


That made me laugh so hard! Thank you


I think it’s better than Dew. I would think that angel piss would have magical qualities.


You watch your dirty mouth!


I really miss Surge. They brought it back in certain convenience stores for a short time but haven’t seen it in a while.




We still have it in Syracuse


As long as you rinse it out with soap and not Mellow Yellow.


One more reason to go back. Dinosaur BBQ and Surge… I’m buying the plane ticket now


Red Bull if I’m out & sweet tea or arnold Palmer if at a restaurant. I’ve also done carbonated water with cranberry cocktail juice (like that oceanspray stuff) it’s sooooo good.



That’s the stuff! Nectar of the GODS!



I have to admit…I like Fresca better and it doesn’t have caffeine!


Fresca is good too.


Same! Fresca is great. As is Donovan! Lol


Orange juice and Ginger ale.


Im a Pepsi girl all the way… But then MtDew came out with Ice. Its really good


I drink orange juice and bubbly water 50/50 every morning due to the fact that I can’t drink coffee anymore.


I’m sorry to hear about the loss of coffee. Coffee is near and dear to my heart. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t drink it. I’d probably sit shiva for​ a week.