What the others think?

One of the first things you need to think about is , not trying to prove to anyone and do not care if they believe . at least for me it was good


@antonio I agree! Believe in yourself is number 1 priority for me. The results are showing with time! At the end of the day we all have to live with ourselves & be comfortable in our skin! Stay strong, you got this! Blessings to you! :smile::smile::smile::tulip::rose::v::v::v:


I have always believed that everybody should walk to the beat of their own drum, I try not to care what other people think of me (although I am human and this can be hard) Integrity is BIG to me, and being true to yourself is the best anyone can do for themselves. I also have this theory that when people have a negative opinion about you it is there insecurity being planted on you. I always try to be positive, treat others how I like to be treated and show respect. Namaste !!! :sunflower: :grinning:


@Ozdownunder You nailed it, I agree with you too! Thanks for sharing & blessings to you! :smile::heart::smile::v::v: