What to do when you you can't beat the fight but don't want to ever give up... is it utterly hopeless

I feel like I’m loosing the battle… this week has been by far the worst week I have ever dealt with. I just want to numb it all but want to continue my dedication to sobriety. So many awful thing have happened to me in the last 7 days. I feel so alone. I was robbed had a gun pulled on me, my tires slashed, found out I’m sick with multiple problems, my roommate is crazy…I didn’t get a thanksgiving . I’m trying so hard not to break down … meetings aren’t helping please someone anyone I don’t want to give up


Great job staying sober through all of that. I am sorry that has been happening. Maybe think to yourself if I can continue to stay sober through this I can face anything. Keep going, you can do this!!


@Shelbyeriss do not give up the hope. Understand its very struggle good for you now… thats why u need to stay focused .i think u need to remove yourself from the area u live in.far as way as possible. Do whatever you can try solve it. Seek help in the comunity, family or something. Rehab perhaps … i dont want you to break i want you to be brave stay strong girl !!


I agree with @Oliverjava. Make a list of the pros and cons. Sit down for a few minutes, calm yourself, and write it down.
In the end you’ll see that drinking won’t help with your problems at all. In fact, it will actually worsen them.

I’m sure you know this already, which is why you want to quit. Writing it down helps with self reassurance.


I don’t know of this helps you at all, but it helps me…

Whenever I feel things can’t get any worse, I try to remember, I don’t live in a third world country, I don’t live in a shanty along a polluted river in Bangladesh, I don’t go hungry, I don’t live in a civil war such as Syria, I have a roof over my head and I am generally healthy.

Most importantly, I am sober…


I too agree with @Oliverjava and @Robin. Journals help. Gratitude lists helped me. I’m new to recovery. And when life happens to get me down I thank god for another day sober. For AA. Grateful for waking up in a bed and not on the floor next to the porcelain princess or in a bathtub. For my eyes, ears, hands, legs. I try to list 10 things when I’m down. My sponsor had me do it for a month and if I missed a day I had to start over. Journals, gratitude lists, and pro/con lists have helped me because once it’s on paper I feel like it’s out of head. And for some reason the song Drive from Incubus comes to mind.


Thank you, you have been so supportive… i feel like such a failure at the moment but I AM NOT A QUITTER i just feel tired and cant handle another relapse. i feel like i want to be depressed but i am a positive fighter and will beat this…I WILL BEAT THIS…


You are not a failure @Shelbyeriss none of us in this forum are :slight_smile: take a deep breath . Think of the positive benefits of all this . Stay positive,positive fighter . No problem, you would do the same for me. And you helping me as well .its how THIS works . Its remind me how life fast can be throw away . Life is for sure Worth living.