What was your last dream?

I good friend of mine passed away a few weeks back. Had a dream last night he was at a small dinner table with me and a few other mutual friends. We were laughing, lots of warm feelings between everyone. Can’t recall the conversations had. I miss that guy.


I’ve noticed my dreams tend to be about my biggest fear(s) :confused: Had one several months ago that I was almost willing to drink rubbing alcohol/kill myself, just to get drunk.

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Hey sorry to hear that. I had moments like this awhile back actually as well. I still have anxious dreams.

If I eat right before going to bed, not good. Also, death is an ending, so if you dream of death, you are processing an ending, which makes sense if you dream of alcohol. Sobriety is processing an ending and we deal with other things in our dreams we can process in waking life.


We also have an average of 4 to 5 dreams a night, and typically only remember the ones during REM. When you practice activating your third eye, you start remembering all of your dreams, which is why I wake up and can remember 3 on average, but the one thats most lucid and surreal is the one that occurs during REM and it’s crazy if you can catch yourself during this cycle and then transform your dream in any manner youd like

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I took several classes and workshops on dreams back in college…they were very illuminating…and they fueled my love of Jungian analysis.

One of the ways I used back then was waking myself up when dreaming and recording my dream (way back then it was on a tape recorder). I would also write them down if I didn’t have my tape recorder handy, but it was often difficult to decipher what I had written. Listening to my twilight voice was eerie as hell. But it was very interesting interpreting my dreams and having such a vivid record of them. Dream interpretation is a great art.

These days I don’t dream or follow my dreams as much as I used to. I think I will try to be more cognizant of them and see where that leads.

Thanks for the inspiration!


What do you mean listening to your twilight voice??

The voice we have between waking and sleeping. It is very different than our totally awake voice. More of a monotone, with very little inflection.

I just woke up from a nap and my gawd, that dream was all over the place with so many people and places, it was like being in a movie.

But at one point I was on an airplane with my best friend from 20 years ago, who I recently found out died a couple years ago. And I was buying people shots, but not drinking myself.

Then somehow I ended up shirtless in the airport and no one lending me a shirt. I got one after I resorted to tears, and then I was in bunch of other places, a zoo, a cafe,… rather than going home after my flight.
And somewhere in there I think I took a pill/drug of some kind and that seemed to be why I wasn’t where I was supposed to be.

The most angsty part of the dream was the mental gymnastics of figuring out a lie to tell everyone to explain being 12 hours late and totally disheveled in a shirt that wasn’t mine.

I woke up exhausted.