What will it take to stay sober for me?

Day one yet again, hopefully it sticks this time and I don’t have to reset after 5 days of being sober. I wanna be sober and have a better life it’s just hard when my life feels like it’s just falling apart.


try a meeting might help wish you well

Hi Laura, things might feel like they’re falling apart but recovery can be the foundation to rebuild something new and amazing for ourselves!
My whole life was falling apart at the end of my drinking and it took time and alot of hard work but I was able to start rebuilding my life, relationships, my spiritual - mental - physical self… It’s a journey and constant work in progress but definitely do-able.
Can I ask what supports you have around you to help you out?

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My parents are very supportive, I just got off the phone with my mom after calling her at 2 in the morning to talk because I feel so alone. My husband doesn’t understand and just gets angry when I relapse. I am gonna hit up a meeting tonight, I need to put in the work.


Anger from your partner doesn’t help, it just makes you withdraw and resentful. I second a meeting, they make you feel less alone.

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Ah this is excellent! Not about your husband of course, but that you have your parents and that you’re going to give meetings a go. Being around people who can relate, understand and support are a pretty important part of recovery. Its just too damn hard (and as you say, lonely) to do alone! Proud of you for taking that step.

100% - cliched but it works if you work it!

I’m sorry your husband gets angry, it can be really hard for some people to understand, esp when they’ve never experienced addiction issues. Maybe during a quiet, calm moment you might be able to explain how you’re feeling and what you would like from him in support that will help you? There is also Al-Anon for family and partners who are affected by a loved ones drinking, but that may be pushing it too far at this point with your husband?

Thanks for the input everyone. The withdrawal symptoms are kicking in right about now as I’m at work, ugh I feel so nauseous :tired_face:

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Awww I’m in Australia so not sure of our time difference but hope your shift is finishing soon!! Hang in there as best you can… try taking lots of little sips of water to help the detox along… Hope you can get some rest and sleep tonight after your meeting x

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There was a lot of great advice given on your other topic. I hope you take the time to read it all. It’s in the seeking help section which is an opt in category. I sent you a PM with instructions on how to opt in and access your thread.

Thanks, for all the great advice and words. Coming on here always makes me feel so much better. I have been looking up inpatient facilities I’m thinking that’s the way to go, idk if I can stay sober without trying it.