What would you do, job v sobriety?

In my previous job I had on call positions, and at the time my job increased my drinking to the point where I’d be drunk when responding to calls.

Current situation is I’ve been offered a full time job, higher pay than my previous job, and entry level (so less stressful). Its about an hours drive away. My family wants me to hold out for a job in town. This job hasn’t offered me even a second interview yet, it would not be entry level, and it would be a high stress environment like my previous job. I’m afraid that I’ll either not like it and quit, or stick it out and end up drinking again.

Even though I’m not even 2 months into my sobreity, I know enough about myself to make the right decision…but my family knows me too. Sometimes I get confused on if I’m doing things for me or them. In terms of managing sobreity though, I feel like job 1 out of town is my best fit. Although everyone else is telling me otherwise so that’s why I’m asking what others would do too.


I say go with your gut feeling. It’s your sobriety not your family’s. If job 1 is going to keep you sober then that’s your best bet. The more stress we put on ourselves in early sobriety, the more likely we’ll relapse. Best of luck with your new job!


I started a new job just as I was getting sober and it helped me a great deal. It felt like a fresh start and a clean slate. Plus my new colleagues knew me as the sober version from day one which felt good. Only you can decide which job is best, but change is good, especially when you are trying to build a new sober life for yourself.

All the best :+1:


Not sure where you live, but an hour commute time is nothing where I live (DC Metro).

More pay, and less stress, plus two hours each day to myself to listen to podcasts and audiobooks while I commute? I’m looking for the downside here, and can’t seem to find it.

Anything that provides peace that supports sobriety is a good thing, IMHO. But I am me, and you are you. Your mileage may vary.


Positive and negative maybe make a list what the job will bring to you and what it will mean,also what negative thought you have , and what you could do to make your journey in sobriety easier and more fruitful wish you well


Without getting too far into my job story, I quit my job at the end of May. Many factors lead to that decision. Covid-19, kids with no school, stress at work, and maintaining my sobriety. I felt like I was being pulled in too many directions and the dam was about to break. Instead of reaching for a drink and falling back into piss poor coping skills, I chose a new path. It’s scary, especially when family doesnt seem to understand. However, if stress at work is a trigger…switch up the script. Your life is important. Go with your intuition. You know you.


Sobriety, especially in the beginning is so hard.
Many of the people I know with long term sobriety changed everything. We actually tell people ’ nothing changes if nothing changes.’ You will lose your ‘friends’, but make better ones with whom you can remember your adventures with.
I changed careers, and moved across the country. None of these people know me as a drunk. I say ‘I don’t drink.’ And no one bats an eye. It is refreshing to have a completely fresh slate.