What's up now

The cutting pictures were taken down bc of triggers. I thought my trigger warning was good enough but it wasn’t. That’s okay. I am still hurting very much but slowly getting better as time grows. I hope I don’t lose it like I did last night :crescent_moon:


I think when most people see a trigger warning, there is an expectation that you are going to talk about self-harm, not post the pictures. At least that’s what I expected. I did have a violent reaction to it because my child acted out in self-harm. It didn’t go on for very long but that was still too long.

I hope that you are finding the help that you need. It’s very clear that you are quite stuck in your thoughts. Are you staying in-patient? What type of help are you able to get?

What helped my kiddo was melting an ice cube in the mouth, while drawing on the skin with a red marker. Actually, drawing on anything with a red sharpie was therapeutic, at least for my child.


I was disgarched from the hospital. I’m feeling okay now.

They weren’t taken down. Your thread was moved by the mods to the seeking help section which you can opt into. You should have received a message with instructions.


Oh ok I see