What's your local weather like right now?


At another thread we’ve been discussing about how the winter is coming in different places that we’re all from…I thought it calls for a thread of its own…So please post the weather so we can enjoy the amazing nature of this globe…and get jealous of those of you who get to live in a warm climate :wink:


11:48pm and 66 degrees F. Tomorrow’s high is back to an unseasonably warm 86!


84 degrees and sunny for tomorrow. I’m in Phoenix and there is no winter. I’m so happy the summer has ended!!! Sucks getting 3 kids in and out of the car when it’s 113 degrees. Yuck


Gaaawd it’s freaking lovely out!


Yes it is so amazing.


9pm: 4 degrees Celsius. Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada


11:04 P.M. 83° F. Dallas Texas. Can’t wait for the cold weather.


48°F, no rain or wind. Seems like it’s going to be a cold sunny day :sun_with_face:


17 deg lovely spring season in South Africa


Nice weather here in the Netherlands :grin:


Currently 1 C in BC Interior, Canada


I’m still not wearing shoes


Light rain, 77F. Location unknown. Lol.


Gloomy crap. Makes me depressed. Least favorite season, only because I can’t seem to cope without sunlight :frowning: not ready for this yet.


Low humidity, beautiful breeze :heart_eyes:



It’s super gross soup weather with all the rain and it seems there is no end today! In Washington, I do love the rain tbh, it gives me endless reasons to stay inside and enjoy the company of my doggo :dog:. He does not do rain well, he has coats :joy:


The weather that you don’t like makes me happy. I love the rain and gloomy look. :joy:


30-50cm of fresh snow on the ground, -15 C, is my absolute dream. More snow makes it hard to go for walks, and I can deal with -35, but it’s less comfy. But winter is my season.


Hot, humid and full of mosquitoes near Houston, TX.