What's your local weather like right now?





I don’t even drink soda. I needed to order something else after two club sodas. Lol. Of course I also had tea after that. An alcoholics happy hour. They say never mix drinks, but oh well, just felt like it.




Cold, windy and pouring down.

I love it!


I don’t know, I can’t remember what ‘outside’ is.


Florida… it’s t-shirt weather here. A little rainy today. We have the windows open, listening to the crickets (???) Or whatever is making sounds outside.


Chicago 19F or -7C. Has not snowed in a couple days. I’m ready for spring.


Everyone Ever: Does it really rain in Seattle all the time?

Me: Nah, it doesn’t rain ALL the time.

The weather:


Oh my goodness it is DAMNED cold out there today. Stupid “wind chill factor”. Still it was nice to be out in fresh air and moving the legs.



37F and supposed to rain tonight


It’s 4 degrees Celsius on Vancouver Island.


50F, 10C windy. It might rain.


46F, with a 90% chance of rain.


Absolutely perfect. Rained the last 2 days, got some dusting on the low mountains around the valley. Right now it’s clear and 52°


We’re hovering at the freezing mark today with bright blue skies…I feel like breaking out the sandals and shorts!! Too bad it’s still all snow and ice on the ground. And a new weather system will roll in tomorrow with wind a frigid temperatures.

Time to start the countdown to Arizona!! March 8th. :sun_with_face:


Strangely warm for February in England highs of 17c. I even saw a wasp. I think it is something to do with the earths 100000 year cycle, seasons will change in each country. The media don’t seem to talk about it although it is a fact.


You changed your icon! :grinning: Are the glasses new?!


LOL. Yeah. I wear my glasses about 50% of the time. My daughter made this with an app she has. It just needs bangs though.


In San Diego at 12:50 p.m. it is 62 degrees and sunny, with a “real feel” of 71 degrees. I’m not sure how that works with feeling warmer, usually you hear that for colder, like with a wind chill.