What's your local weather like right now?


It’s azalea season here. Today we had a high of 82, which is warmer than it usually is this time of year…no complaints from me.

Here are some of our azaleas.


Love the new icon!


The Carolina Jasmine is blooming like crazy in Houston.


There’s a big orange circle thingy in the sky. I don’t know what it is. It seems to be emitting heat as well. Someone turned off the clouds and snow. I’m scared.


Gorgeous!! I love it!


We call that “the humidex”. But I can’t imagine it gets very humid in San Diego.


This shit is never going to end


Truly. I ran out of hope weeks ago


Definitely don’t miss those days in March in NY.


There is rain, rain and more rain! :cry:
I need sun!!! :triumph:


We are currently being hit by a huge storm. We are in the middle of fhe red part. Crazy thunder, lightning and a tonne of rain oh with a sprinke of hail. I love storms :heart:


like this😏


A sun dog maybe


55, overcast, windy, and a little rainy


close to Frankfurt/Germany … After the rain…


LOL so hard to trust weather forecasts in MI


Cold, raining and dark.

Just like my soul when I was drinking :rofl::pray:


There’s a heavy storm and lots of rain pouring out of the Dutch sky. Wind just blew me from my bike, first time that happened. So glad I didn’t had my little son with me!


Sunny and warmish in NoVA. Spring is almost here!


Mid 70s and the *monarch butterflies are swarming, wish I could capture them in picture from my deck

*Edited: painted lady butterflies