What's your local weather like right now?


60° here in sunny phoenix…


You guys should come visit Houston! lol :grimacing:


… BEFORE June :mosquito::sunny::fire::mosquito:



Good morning from Eagle, Wisconsin
It’s been raining for two days. Live in marshlands so expecting flooding as all the snow melts too. It is a balmy 35°


Eagle Wisconsin
Rain turns to snow


Warm and ovecast. Lota of stuff blooming. Pollen counts high. Nose running like a faucet. Eyes burning. Throat scratchy.

Spring…gotta take the good and the bad.


Hmm 74 and sunny all day today. It’s unbelievable the weather in this city of SD.


I’m going out to Phoenix today till Sunday or Monday. My brother and dad want to visit spring training for baseball, and that will be fun but I want to see my cousin before checking into rehab April 3rd


It can’t decide whether it wants to sunshine or rain so it’s just acting a bit grey with lots of wind. God bless the awful seasons in the UK :joy:


The weather will be good for your visit, not hot but a little chilly at night. Do you know what game your going to?


I think one was the miluakee game today I think. But my dad is kinda nuts lol and will try and jump around to a couple games if he can


Warm-ish, 5 C, calm wind conditions, and sunny. Pretty unremarkable March day, but that doesn’t mean it’s not highly enjoyable! Apparently Wednesday should hit 20, and my winter-adjusted body will be so confused.


70 degrees with the sun beating, im excited about that. Although it did get a little hot in the attic changing the exhaust fan out! :grin::grin: