What's your local weather like right now?


Cold, getting colder. Doesnt help my central heating is knackered and cant be fixed till Wednesday morning. Hat and socks on for bed :joy:


It’s a bit more than light rain…


It is pretty here! Long winters we can go weeks without seeing the sun, but I do love it here.


Thank you it’s a pretty place for sure :slight_smile:




First snow of the year coming tomorrow night


Haha…I think this warm front is predicted to last at least another week or so…maybe this is God punishing you people :wink:


I live in upstate NY, God doesn’t have to punish us. We punish ourselves by living here. Even though I’m pumped bc I love the snow.


We’re at an all Time Warm year and I wouldnt mind If it didn’t snow this winter at all


Completely bizarre- high of 60°F, low of 38°F, thunder hail and rainstorms between warm and sunny moments, with winds between 25 MPH gusting up to 60. This is crazy, even for Michigan.




Rainy and cold. Election day. Have a couple of friends running for local office so I was up early putting in signs, handing put their stuff to the voters, and getting wet. Really, really wet. Supposed to be this way all day, and I get to do it all over again this evening.


Elect wisely


In a democracy, we deserve the government that we get.

These are my friends. If they weren’t the type of people I’d want governing my city, or running the schools, they wouldn’t be my friends to begin with.


Another warm one here in Queensland, Australia.



Typical gray November weather here in Massachusetts.


Wow…really beautyfull


Sorry… Not sorry😉