What's your local weather like right now?


It’s sunny here on Vancouver Island but it’s only 4 degrees Celsius.


Thanks, its the walking path I use every day at work. Soon it will be too cold/covered in snow, so I am enjoying it while it lasts.


Get one of those collapsing snow shovels folks keep in their car. Shovel a bit of the path every day. When it snows, shovel back to where you stopped before, and then keep going.

It could be a symbolic struggle. Man against nature.

Or you could just wait until spring.


Considering the entire path/loop is a little over 2 miles long…I’ll wait until mother nature melts it for me.

You know how it is around here…as soon as you shovel it, more will come.


It’s a beautiful day I’m spending inside lol sun will be setting by the time I’m off. Curse you day light saving!


80 degrees beautiful sunny day here in St Petersburg florida. No winters here


75 degrees and cloudy here in Raleigh North Carolina



Damn, Jody… that’s some seriously cold and nasty weather. Is that the norm up there this time of year? We are getting a “cold blast” over the weekend where the temp will be in the 40’s F (about 4 C). But a “feels like” temp of -19!!! That’s crazy!


lol yup that’s winter here :smiley:


The lake effect snow cometh.


Oh how I remember Lake Ontario effect snow.


Ahhh, those Syracuse lake effect snow storms of my childhood. Some great memories. :snowflake: I can’t even get my kids to go sledding in a couple inches of snow these days.


The weather here in Denver is cold and gloomy with a breeze. No snow here but there has been some in the mountains. I will be leaving soon to join some friends for a walk around the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge. It is only about 3 miles from my house.The American Bison herd is now up to 189. Since the temperature is cool, I am hoping that they will be out in the open and not be hiding in the shade.


The tug Hill is probably getting the brunt of this one. But ya never know.


46 degrees and raining here in western NC. Tomorrow night’s low is supposed to be 24 - lowest thus far.


Snow yesterday here in KS. Didn’t amount to much. Frost and slick yard this morning!


Anyone ever heard the song “Snow Snow Beautiful Snow”? Well no I didnt write it. But I shoveled it.


In Denver, 22F now with a high of 48F. Clear skies. Some snow in tje mountains. Off to the fitness center for weights and HIIT.


I can’t wait for snow!