What's your local weather like right now?


I dont mind this. I cant stand the thick heavy 12 inches. We’re on a side street so dont get plowed till later in the day.


I’m dead :joy::joy:


me too that was funny lol


Rainy and cold where i live, I’m gonna Netflix from the couch


Weather in Kansas has little to do with the sunshine and much to do with the wind. It’s sunny but cold now. :sun_with_face::leaves:
Fall here is that special day between summer and winter when the leaves fall from the trees instantly.


LOLZ. I had the exact same thought :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::upside_down_face:


nothing but sunny skys


At least it stopped. Well, in south eastern part of the state


Yep, sunny at the moment in the Milwaukee area. I’m heading to your city tonight for a class, hoping it stays this way.


I’m pretty sure I just saw a cloud in the shape of a middle finger… Spot on


I’m never going to complain about UK weather again :joy: - 14 in some places :astonished: I’d never leave the house :house_with_garden:


I’d take rain over smoke. :confused:

This is me, 200 miles south of the horrible Camp Fire in California. May not be going for my run tonight…


Windy and rain in lovely Worcestershire England with a low of 7 °C


Right there with you. We are near Santa Rosa, but yes, school cancelled due to smoke. Reliving last year. Guess this is the new Fall normal. So scary and sad. The poor folks in Paradise.


Indeed. :pensive:



Another gray one here in Massachusetts.

That’s pretty much what November is around here, so I’ll spare you the updates – next 3 weeks: gray, thick cloud cover, chilly. That should cover it.


I’ve seen on the news hun, I hope you stay safe :+1:


I’m in the next county, Gloucestershire


Oh my God. That’s terrifying. Are you nearby?