What's your local weather like right now?


Not at the moment, but many that I love are. My wife and I are housing a couple evacuees.
Thanks for asking.


Huh! Where abouts, I grew up just outside Gloucester. Lived in Cheltenham as well.


Gloucester, I worked in Pershore for a long time, had to travel every day, loved the drive through the country roads


Melbourne is completely Blue Bird


Never knew it said “smoke”


At least it didnt


I’m so sorry your community is going through this. Ours went through something similar last year but this is just devastating.


Was sunny and 83 degrees today


Well there you go. I live just round Bredon Hill from Pershore. Ashton Under Hill. Know Pershore quite well.


I used to work in the treetops nursery at the end of Eckington road


I know it. Just by the junction with the Pershore Defford Road.


That’s the one, I transferred back to Gloucester and then handed in my notice to get better, I was a chef there


Nice weather for ducks! :duck: :duck:


:grin: you know, in the population of this forum, that makes us neighbours!
I trained as a chef when I left school


:joy: It does indeed, your only about 16 miles away :+1:it’s a very stressful job


Yeah, tell me about it


Sending :two_hearts::two_hearts: your way.


64°F, lovely!


Winter is coming… And I’m so behind on fall cleanup (and daily tasks generally, save for staying alive and sober)


There is rain and pretty much wind coming my way :see_no_evil: