What's your local weather like right now?


Winter is already here -.- already had our first snow and the weather is getting colder. But hey our weather can never make up its mind so it’s always a surprise :slight_smile:


First winter storm of the season. Back in Boston, where I grew up, this would be nothing. Here in the DC metro, it’s a big deal. Traffic snarls, school closures and delays, combined with the “knuckle-head factor” makes me glad that I work from home, and have no customer meetings today.


I think that is coming our way…


Lovely sunny fall day down south in The netherlands :heart: its 12°C. Google says that’s 53Fahrenheit


Cold! But 158 days sober baby! :v:t2:


Enjoy the season…sober!


I am loving it sober and enjoying every minute of the cold day not on drugs. It’s a beautiful life when you are sober!


Looks like yard work weather this weekend in Seattle!


About 32F and snowing


Here we go again


Yeppp it’s totally pretty until you’re walking in it, at least here.


Krav class canceled due to weather. This weather needs to get off my lawn.

Guess I’ll have to hit the garage dojo instead.


Snowing here in western New York


Cold. #nuffsaid


Winter has arrived. I still haven’t taken my outdoor furniture in. 🤷


Blue sky and sun! :sun_with_face:


4°degrees Celsius. Sunny and cold as F* in beautiful Munich. Bavaria. Germany


Fresh layer of snow last night and still going. Beautiful from inside, can be dreadful to drive in lol
Chicago Suburbs, IL


Crisp but not too cold, blue sky and sunshine here. Cheshire, UK


This morning in Maine. Cold AF. Just landed in NYC and a little warmer, but still below freezing. Crisp and clear though :rainbow: