What's your local weather like right now?


63F and cloudy - chilly for us here in northeast Florida


Are you ready for all the snow?!


It’s I’m moving back to South Florida weather :joy:




Will post a picture of the snow later.


30° freezing rain with 4-8" of snow developing rest of day. Winter storm advisory. It’s so blah out right now.


High 70 today. I see mosquitoes 🦟 buzzing by my back door.


Nobody likes a show-off😚



58 degrees, light wind, and sunny. I’m loving it. Outside stacking wood.


Started around 3. Itll be interesting to see how much we actually get. Hopefully we’re close enough to the lake that itll keep the large amount away!


Im not entirely sure of the numbers… but I just breathed hot air outside and i’m fairly sure an iceberg subsequently hit the ground.



One of our tress split in 3. Kept hearing creaking while I shoving. Then heard it snap!



We dont have enough to shovel yet, but tomorrow morning before work I bet we will. Trying to see it as an opportunity for an early morning workout.


Haha. Stopped snowing now. Lot of wind. Saw a couple green flashes. Not to sure of lightning or flash from something else.


The snow started accumulating about 3 hours ago. There is a out 4 inches so far. The call is up to another 12 before it’s over. I am hoping the power doesnt go out.


Winter is here. The lake is starting to freeze.


I was NOT ready for winter to hit full on in Nov. I’m already over the snow bahaha!