What's your local weather like right now?


22 degrees with about an inch of snow on the ground and a stiff breeze. Winter is here :snowflake:


Wet and slushy. All around Yuck. Not cold enough to be snow, not warm enough to be rain.

I hate winter.



We basically have summer all year


I hate it as well!!


What a gorgeous view you have :heart:️:heart:️


It brings me so much peace and gratitude :two_hearts:


I love the snow! In my neck of the woods we rarely get snow. It might snow once a couple of inches at best, for the day. About once a decade we get a real treat and it will snow a foot or two and stick around for a week or two. That hasn’t happened in almost ten years now, so we’re due!

Of course, my disposition might very well change should I ever live in an area that actually has a Winter. Until then, bring on the snow!



Is that your view? It’s beautiful.


That’s why you love the snow!! LOL Live with it everyday from November to March/April and you’ll learn to hate it too.



It sure is my view - so grateful.


:rofl::joy:True… It rains here from September through August. Ya learn to live with it. In fact it’s sunny today and it still managed to rain.


Ha! You must live in the PNW!! Ouch. That’s a lot of rain.


I do! 35 miles east of Seattle, born and raised and baptized by rain.


-5 c and snow


Cold and Windy AF!!!


Gray,constant rain.Perfect day for studying.


15°C, much too warm for this season. Made a screenshot from the live cam (Bonn, rhine river)


It’s pretty warm. Last night had an amazing breeze. Great for a nice romantic walk. Tonight we’re having drizzling off n on,but it’s another nice night.