When lonelyness kills me

Not really a talkative girl. 10 days sober but i feel like shit today. (Sorry for my english i’m french).

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Its perfectly normal a week after I started I felt drunk and nauseous and I felt so sick I even told myself if I take just one drink that it will help with the simptoms …luckily I did not…everytime I thought about drinking I just asked myself do you want to go thru that feeling again…its quite a mind changer…just try to push thru this horrible feeling it will go away just stay strong! You can do this!!!


@Sillykid it takes awhile for our brain to revert back to its normal state after addiction. We are hardwired for instant gratification through substance abuse. Best advice I could give is excercise and eat healthy (even if it sounds awful at the time) Also find a healthy activity you love to do so you can get your mind off of what’s worrying ya. Hope this helps :slight_smile: Good luck, and keep up the hard work!

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